What it’s About

Hello and welcome to my blog…

I’m Lauren, I like travelling, fabric pattern designing, cats, and using too many exclamation marks!! At the moment I am backpacking Southeast Asia with my boyfriend (Jethro).

Whilst I am off exploring and seeking adventures with Jethro my creative outlet is pattern designing and looking for inspiration for pattern designs.

When I get back from my adventures I’ll be adding some new sections to the blog – sewing, knitting, and pyrography. They’ll start popping up around November/December time (it’s July, and I’m in roasting hot South Korea but, slightly embarrassingly, I’ve already thought of my Christmas themed projects…).

I tend to dive into sewing projects with more enthusiasm than technical skill, and I’m far from being an expert knitter but I always make it through with something I love at the end. I’m hoping that this blog will inspire and encourage other people to sew, knit, and create crafty masterpieces.

Enjoy the blog – comments make me way too happy so please feel free to leave me nice comments and also pattern suggestions 🙂 🙂 🙂